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Helping seniors find their vitality, joy,

and renewed health for ageless energy...

Penny Langsdorf has always led a high energy lifestyle.  As a young mother of 4 highly active, creative, and inquisitive boys, life was always in constant motion. When the boys started school her love of sewing and entrepreneurial skills encouraged her to start two small home-based businesses: The Cottage Directory and Penny’s Patchables.  Once the boys were in high school and college loomed in the near future, it became apparent that the family needed another steady income. Penny returned to school to finish her degree and joined the workforce.  At this point, her own health started to suffer.  At unexpected times, she broke out in giant hives that would lead to angina edema. Her face would become so swollen that her bottom lip would be hanging on her chin.  After scores of allergy and blood tests showed autoimmune issues, Penny tried numerous diets, and finding no apparent physical cause; she completely immersed herself in discovering other modalities to discover the cause and cure. She investigated alternative and energy medicine treatments. For Penny, orthodox pharmaceutical medicines were only exacerbating her conditions.

As a psychology major who dedicated 26 years to advising college students and families, Penny knew mental and emotional states influenced health. She jumped into learning energy psychology techniques, such as tapping, meditation, and Reiki.  Psych-k® helped her discover negative unconscious beliefs that she could change.  These techniques helped dramatically reduce her stress levels and the occurrence of health challenging episodes. As her beliefs and perceptions expanded, the role of spirituality in healing came to the forefront.

When Penny discovered NES Health and bioenergetics, she embraced modern technology to scan her body field and discover where her body’s energy and communication systems were blocked. By using frequencies to remove the blockages, her body began to heal itself.  The scan’s nutritional screens targeted various foods and chemicals that could be adversely affecting health. Utilizing this information, Penny adjusted and rotated her dietary intake to accommodate her body’s needs, furthering her quest for health and wellness.

Recently, Penny discovered Healy, a small portable frequency device from Germany.  This device uses a quantum sensor which analyzes specific bio-energetic frequencies in real time and then sends specific micro-current frequencies to the body/body field. These frequency programs address physical, mental, emotional, chakras and meridians to promote bioenergetic balance, energy, and overall wellness. 


Sustaining vitality and keeping mind, body and spirit in balance has been Penny’s guiding mission for herself and for others.  Facing the physical ramifications of the aging body, as well as new mental and spiritual challenges brings the realization that the third act of life highlights the swift passage of time. The personal loss of family and friends brings grief, depression, and isolation. Penny is passionate about sharing a variety of energy techniques to support and partner with those who actively desire to approach their third act with renewed purpose, vitality, happiness, and increased energy.  Penny believes that everyone can live with more joy, love, passion, and ageless energy.

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