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The Emotion Code® is an energy healing technique, discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson, that helps to identify and release harmful trapped emotions. These trapped emotional energies are created from past negative events. Trapped emotions can cause physical issues, depression, anxiety and can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others.

How does a session work: The Emotion Code® is completely painless and non-invasive. It’s a simple process designed to use muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) to tap into the knowledge stored in your subconscious mind. We will begin by asking a series of simple yes or no questions, assessing your body’s response via muscle testing. Often, this process identifies Trapped Emotions that may affect physical and emotional wellness. Then, we can work to release those energies one at a time using magnetic energy.

Hi fellow growth seekers I'm Cole Harris! I started working with Penny doing emotion code and psych-k work about 6 months ago and she has tremendously helped change my life. I found her fortuitously on the internet and we continue to work in my free time still today. I believe our growth psychologically and emotionally is continually never ending to reach the highest version of ourselves. This will be something I incorporate here and there as new challenges arise and Penny is the perfect facilitator for me. She is professional, accurate, intuitive, and most importantly, genuine. For me trust is essential, and Penny shows the belief she has in her skills through her genuine concern for helping people to improve in their specific goals. You will not get a more caring and trustworthy facilitator that I can promise you. And to top it off, she has the knowledge and skills to boot. You will come for one modality and probably leave utilizing a few more from her vast skill set. God put Penny in my life to help me in my next life cycle and for this I am very grateful. Good luck to you all, stay humble and let's face our fears.

Cole Harris, OK

My experience with Penny facilitating me through the emotion code was completely soul-opening.  I started out slightly unsure of how the emotion code could help me and Penny guided me through my first session seamlessly.  Together, we released emotions I had carried with me for decades and some that I had inherited from conception.  With our first few discoveries I felt the emotion vividly as Penny identified it, and immediately after the release I felt a lightness and could face the emotion without reacting (as if I could now observe it without the energetic charge in my body).  We tackled emotional blocks I had around creating, skin issues, general physical and emotional health, and even an adult-onset allergy.  If anyone is curious how this modality would be beneficial to their life, I suggest working with Penny and discovering who they could be without their trapped emotions interacting in their body.  As I have since learned after working with Penny, this modality can be applied to physical, relational, psychological and even spiritual areas of your life so the sky is the limit!

Kristen Chittock

In the years 2020-2021 life as we know it was turned upside down and backwards. There is not a single person who has not been affected by COVID, climate change, political unrest and day-to-day stress (just to name a few). As I tried to navigate these changes, I found my stress, anxiety and sleeplessness were reaching levels that I could not manage or even identify how to alleviate. That's where Penny Langsdorf and Your Ageless Energy helped me immensely.

Through the NES Health program, Infoceuticals and Penny's wealth of knowledge, I have seen and felt immeasurable differences. Penny truly cares about her clients, making you comfortable and explaining the process, answering questions and providing feedback to ensure that you understand the process and can make the most of the sessions. She also follows up to check in and make sure you are doing well and how things have progressed. 

I can honestly say that I feel better, sleep better and have a better level of understanding of how to let go of negative energy that I have suppressed so that I can move on from things that are not healthy to hold onto... and I am grateful.

Heather Edwards, NY

The Emotion Code® can help you unpack your “emotional baggage” for good.

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